The Hamp Pope Memorial Fund

Charles Hamilton “Hamp” Pope was born in Augusta on February 1, 1985. Just 25 years later, in the prime of his life, he would succumb to alcoholism and drug dependency while in treatment for his disease. The tragic loss of Hamp, who was a beautiful, caring and talented young man, prompted his family and friends to start the Hamp Pope Memorial Fund to help others like him overcome their addictions and realize their full potential. Please consider contributing to the Hamp Pope Memorial Fund. Your donation can give young men struggling with addiction, their families and friends, hope.


MISSION: The Hale Foundation’s initial fees for admission and Phase 1 of treatment are $500. Many of the men coming to the Foundation have lost everything and are unable to afford this fee. The Hamp Pope Memorial Fund was lovingly created to assist these men in getting the help they need. It is designed so that, ideally, when the men complete the initial program, find jobs, and begin earning money, they can repay the account in order to ensure its longevity.


GIVE: I want to help men in my community overcome their addiction. Please accept my gift to the Hamp Pope Memorial Fund.


Please consider, if you can, funding the Phase 1 costs for an addict. The $500 donation is tax deductible.

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