Our Story

In 1990, two Augusta businessmen and friends, Sam Sibley and Hampton Walker, had a dream to establish a recovery residence for adult men challenged with alcoholism and drug addiction. Years later, this vision continues to provide an opportunity for these men to have a better life and chance to heal. This has become the core purpose of Hale House Foundation.


As a result of this compassion and vision…it all started with a single house and one recovery residence tenant. Since then, Hale House has grown to 5 houses and 48 residents. The Foundation uses a proven program, which combines education and adherence to the 12-step program within the supportive residential environment Hale House provides. Each man who completes the program is returned to society sober, independent and ready to assume the responsibilities of employment and family relationships.


The recovery success stories are powerful and inspiring. The men see themselves in each other and the transformation and rebirth of their sense of self as they go through the program together.