The Program

All phases are geared toward the philosophy of the 12-step recovery program of Alcoholics Anonymous and all of our phases are centered around the local and in-house “12 step” meetings.

Phase I

Criteria for entry into Phase I is the admission fee ($800), social security card, states issued ID, and a background check. Individuals with violent or sexual criminal offenses will not be admitted to the program. Individuals on probation/parole will need documentation and approval from their probation/parole officer. Phase I is the first fourteen days of the program and places emphasis on responsibility and discipline. During that time, the men will lay a foundation for recovery through immersion in a 12-step program, individual/group therapy, psychoeducation, and recreation activities. This phase includes two outside AA meetings daily, closed group therapy five days a week, individual therapy as needed, and four in-house meetings weekly. Residents will complete a life history accompanied by an alcohol & drug history during this phase. Residents will gain full-time employment upon completion of phase I.

This program is for men who have been detoxed and includes mandatory Monday through Friday activities, including:


6:00 am: Breakfast

7:00 am: Meditation

8:00 am: Outside 12-Step Meeting

12:30 pm: In-House Group Therapy

2:00 – 5:00 pm: Individual Therapy, as needed

5:00 pm: Dinner

6:15 pm (Sun, Mon, Wed, Thur): In-House Meeting

7:00/8:00 pm: Outside AA Meeting

10:00 pm: Curfew

11:00 pm: Doors locked, bedtime.


Phase II

Upon completion of Phase I program, residents must continue recovery at the foundation by following basic rules of the house including: breakfast and dinner, daily meditation, assigned chores, inside and outside AA/NA meetings, and an increased willingness to live by the newfound principles of recovery. Residents in Phase II will secure full-time employment and pay their way through the remainder of the program at $300/week, which is all inclusive. During this phase, residents must demonstrate active engagement in a 12-step program via sponsorship, progression through the twelve steps, service work, and home group involvement. Phase II is geared towards building on the principles of the 12-step recovery program alongside restoration of the individual to a productive member of society.


Phase III

Phase III is a sober living, step-down program. Phase three is designed to move the resident back into the main stream of society. Residents must adhere to a sober lifestyle and are subject to random drug screening.

Resident Fees: The Hale House accepts cash, check, and credit card.

Phase I: $800

The fee for phase I covers admission costs, transportation, lodging, food, and the substance abuse program for the first 2 weeks.


Phase II: $250 per week

Upon completion of Phase I program, residents will be assisted in attaining full-time employment through various temp agencies and businesses within the community. This fee covers lodging, meals, transportation to and from work daily, and the substance abuse program. Residents are required to actively engage in the 12-step program